TechBiz Connection | iPhone 6 | Oct 15th | Irvine, CA

"iPhone 6"

October 15th, 2014

iPhone 6

What's Behind the Larger Screens?

Is iPhone 6 the best iPhone?From applications using Touch ID fingerprint verification to the new MAC OS Yosemite providing unmatched integration between the desktop and the phone, iPhone 6 is the most usable iPhone.

The launch of the first iPhone, quite simply a phone wrapped around an iPod, forever changed the mobile landscape.  Apple Pay may forever change mobile payments. Will Apple take commerce to the next level or is Apple one solution of many?

Join us Wednesday, October 15th as we delve into the topic of mobile, post iPhone 6 announcements.  Joining us will be a panel of experts from across the mobile ecosystem.


Joe Morris | Principal | TechMediaTel

Joe provides advisory services to game changing technology startups & segment investors.  He's been at the fulcrum of digital convergence for over 15 years.  He created and drove the Konami Mobile Games business unit into the top ten of mobile game publishers.   He built and led the startup of the Verizon Wireless West Area data organization - deploying the first smartphone, the first text messaging services, and the first content delivery service on a CDMA carrier.  Joe has an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at USC, and continues to serve with the Marine Corps as a Colonel in a part time capacity.


David Chodosh | Co-Founder | MyBeanJar

David is the creator and co-founder of MyBeanJar, the first end-to-end rewards & engagement platform that delivers targeted coupons into a mobile wallet for game achievements and loyalty.  Since 2009 he's been creating new tools for game developers to help monetize their content and make it more sticky and viral.  David has been a product designer for Hallmark Cards, Mattel Toys, Nickelodeon, and others in the children's consumer entertainment business. He has created and managed mass-marketed toy and game products, plus hand-held devices since the mid-90s. He has patented IP, including "The Fizz Cup" which appeared on ABC TV's Shark Tank. David holds a B.S. in Industrial Design from the Art Center.

Jack Bicer | CEO |

Jack is the founder of, a promising mobile security and mobile payments startup. He is also the CEO of Septium, a custom Web and Mobile App Development company. Prior to Septium, Jack held several CTO roles since 1996. A 30+ year software industry veteran, Jack is an industry expert on mobile applications, authentication, SaaS/web software, and payment processing. Inventor of "Uninstall" and "Automatic Software Updates", Jack's inventions run on every computer and every smartphone today. Previously at Verisign, Symantec and Xerox, he holds a BSc in Communications Engineering from University of Kent, an MSc in Computer Science from George Washington University and attended the Pepperdine MBA program.

Harvey Modlin | CTO | Septium

Harvey has extensive executive-level experience in technology strategy, business process optimization, enterprise architecture, databases, application development, analytics, infrastructure, telecom, security, project management, regulatory compliance, and marketing. His industry experience includes healthcare billing and electronic medical records, website and print publications, aerospace/defense, collections, and call centers.  He served as an adjunct professor of project management and has degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, and an MBA. Knobbe Martens
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When: Wednesday, October, 15th 2014
Where: 2040 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Irvine, CA 92614 MAP
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Cost: Free

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