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"Stop Selling If You Want Customers to Buy More"
April 162014

April 16th, 2014

How to Connect with Millennials
To Grow Your Business

Millennials grew up with the "do not call list" and "TiVo thru the ads" on TV. They probably have never even seen an encyclopedia or Avon door to door salesperson. They simply aren't traditional buyers. But they are real advocates for some of the most successful brands today. So how does a brand connect with the Millennial generation? To help end the over criticism and under appreciation we delve into the way five Millennial run enterprises are succeeding by serving their own generation and those to come. Join us to learn why your business needs to take their buying power seriously if you don't want to be like Willy Lohman in Death of a Salesman.


Al Ramirez | Twitter Political Personality | TBC Board Member
Just about every politician would want over 200k twitter followers overnight but its not always a good thing. During his 2010 bid for the US Senate Al got a gift from Twitter by being placed on their controversial Suggested User List but he quickly found out everyone who follows is not a friend or impressed. But the biggest lesson he learned is that with great gifts come great responsibility and it's up to you to determine what your lasting reputation will be based on how you use it or else be stuck with a white elephant.


Sennett Devermont | Founder | MrCheckpoint
The primary Mission of Mr. Checkpoint is to deter drunk driving and promote public safety by publicizing DUI checkpoints, DUI statistics, speed traps, police activity, and changes in DUI awareness campaigns. In order actually help prevent drunk driving on the roads the first step is to reach the right audience. An organization as well known as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) who helps countless victims of drunk driving doesn't necessarily identify with the right demographic when trying to make a difference on the road. MrCheckpoint prides itself in identifying and targeting the right demographic being twenty-one to thirty-five year olds, which make up majority of arrests and accidents relating to DUI. MrCheckpoint's free texting service sends ad supported SMS text messages in real-time to users who subscribe and opt-in to receive this services. Users receive DUI checkpoint updates, speed trap alerts, as well discounts to local sponsors. MrCheckpoint is proud to have sent millions of text messages since the launch in August of 2012. Sennett is a graduate of San Diego State University.

James Liu | Owner / Founder | BoxCat Games
James is an 8-year experienced project/product/technical manager with a background in Software Engineering, System Architecture, and UI/UX. In 2010 while working for Cogent Systems, Cogent was acquired by 3M. In 2012, James founded BoxCat Games ( and published a top rated RPG, "Nameless: the Hackers RPG" (iOS, using similar successful processes. Nameless has won App of the Year 2013 Editor's Choice from and Editor's Choice from BoxCat is taking a unique approach to production, distribution, and market-fit within the mobile games industry. As a premium RPG developer within a freemium dominated market, Nameless the Hackers is holding a strong 4.7 out of 5 average with 2,200+ international reviews.

Nicole Marie Johnson | Actress/Writer/Producer | Besties Productions
IMDB listed and known for A Feeling from Within (2012),#Besties (2014) and Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (2009) Nicole and her crew have not been swayed by the concerns of runaway production in Hollywood. Instead she is choosing to capitalize on the opportunities in new media through over the top internet delivery on YouTube and Social Media. Besties had their own Super Bowl production that quickly generated over 14,000 views demonstrating the possibility of launching a viral video based on timely content that can be funny, economically produced and done in Los Angeles. "The Besties", who are Brittany with a "Y" and Brittani with an "I" is about two best friends that are hungry for attention and strive for perfection, unfortunately for them and everyone else, that leads to disastrous results. Basically taking the model built by Lucy and Ethel, and carried on by Laverne and Shirley The Besties adapt what was formerly the 30 minute situation comedy to a new mobile focused level in videos that typically run under 3 minutes to fit into today's audiences short attention spans. Ms. Johnson is graduate of UMass -Boston where she majored in Psychology and minored in Theatre.

Suzanne Natbony | Founder | LawTake
LawTake is the answer for people with legal issues who are dissatisfied with the current legal market. LawTake is essentially a legal marketplace: it aggregates videos and legal content similar to YouTube ® but also offers premium services for lawyers that create entertaining, "Hollywoodesq," informative videos on the law, along with customizable forms and accompanying materials for consumers to purchase, similar to the way eBay sells products to consumers. This package saves consumers hundreds of dollars in legal fees and enables top marketing, alternative revenue sources and efficiencies for the lawyers' legal services. Ms. Natbony holds a B.A. in Political Science from USC and received her J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law.

Steve Manuel | Founder | Reachsocket
Steve started earning his chops early in the world of start ups at Funny or Die, Fanscape and In 2013 Steve founded Reachsocket to help match audience extension with brand activation to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of sponsorships. Reachsocket provides users with the most advanced real-time audience measurement and valuation platform and gives sponsored personalities the tools they need to provide distributed & controlled audience access to their sponsors across the web & mobile. Steve holds a degree in Music Industry Management and a minor in Web Applications & Technologies from USC. Knobbe Martens
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